Virtual world dating site

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Virtual world dating site

Online dating, once seen as the preserve of the reclusive, is now a billion a year industry.

Tinder’s rise to fame in 2014 threw the final shackles off the online dating world, and the popularity of sites like and e Harmony’s TV is testimony to the online dating boom.

In fact that will become part of the dating strategy in the near future; creating the perfect virtual world will become as important as eye contact and positive body language.

Virtual Reality will change everything from social media to a trip to the movies.

True love knows no bounds, and the type of atmosphere bred by online games and social casinos easily lends itself to the inspiration of budding love.

One couple, newlyweds Kim and Shane Mitchell, found each other in the social casino Vegas World.

In a virtual world, MMO or social casino, players have the ability through their avatar(s) to create an online persona beyond just a screen name, giving them an opportunity to creatively and thoughtfully reveal more about themselves to the players with whom they engage.

These virtual world environments – like social casino Vegas World – mimic those of real-world dating scenarios.

If not on or e Harmony, where are these couples meeting?And the odds for success are pretty good considering that about one third of married couples today met online, according to study findings published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Despite the millions of Americans that have successfully found love using an online dating service, the research shows that about 50 percent of spouses who did meet online did so somewhere other than a traditional dating site.Of course there will be a huge market in third-party software that effectively creates the VR equivalent of a fake profile, but certainly online daters can feel more secure in the knowledge that their potential suitor is indeed who they say they are with Virtual Reality technology.There are more than 2500 dating sites in the US alone, ranging from the mainstream cyber-Cupids like to niche sites that bring disparate users with their own unique tastes together.

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After initially bonding as single parents, Kim and Shane used the virtual world setting to ease into a friendship, which later turned into a real life love story.

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