Updating os x 10 4

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For older Macs that aren't supported in Firefox 4 thru 8, try Ten Four Fox for Power PC's running Mac 10.4.11 & 10.5.8 .

Thanks for the fast responses, I am particularly happy to have found the website.

Leopard’s minimum RAM footprint is about twice what Tiger requires.

I recommend 1 GB minimum for Leopard on Power PC Macs and 2 GB minimum on Intel systems – these are twice Apple’s minimum recommendations.

Finding an installer requires buying a new or used copy from a reseller – or borrowing a copy from a friend, consultant, or other Mac user.* To increase the challenge, there are different versions of the Tiger installer for Power PC and Intel Macs.

Apple never released a Universal Binary of the full installer, instead releasing separate Power PC and Intel versions.

Mac OS X 10.4 install discs have been discontinued by Apple and are no longer sold at retail.I love what Apple has brought us but not their ability to turn their back on what brought them up, and millions of users in the process.Thanks for the fast responses, I am particularly happy to have found the website.I have in the past downloaded and installed an incompatible version, a situation to avoid for obvious reasons.Bob Hunt Firefox notifies me that I'm not running the latest version (I have 3.6.24 GTB7.1) and to download the version compatible with my older system (Mac Tiger 10.4.11).

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Also (not infrequently), some people just dislike the newer OS in favor of the older version.