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we shall see,maybe vs can pull ahead in the future. i'm doing that right now, in fact i'm composing this on my visor connected to my vs nokia 8290. the problem is, the ignorant csrs will try to push the extra data minutes on you if you call to have the free data service activated (which is actually supposed to be on by default).hey walt congrats on getting the kyocera,nice phone. – by jasonone more thing, i'm paying .99 but i get way more minutes, 600 anytime, and 2000 weekend (w free nationwide ld and roaming). granted, gsm is lagging right now in domestic coverage, but they're building the network rapidly. gprs will start soon, (56k data), followed by broadband.

i think the basic account starts with 500, and if you instant message a lot that 500 could be up the first day.– by jasonhello: i am on a voicestream plan and i'm happy with it. plus i like the ability to send/receive email to my phone in addition to using the ir port for my notebook.one thing i can't seem to get a hold of is the elusive aim for voicestream customers. points for verizon, they probably have a better maintained website. this is what happens when your 14 year old discovers aim on aol and sets it up on the “emergency phone” they carry for those just in case scenarios. you can send 11,377 messages in 30 days or less even under direct parental supervision kids are more slick today as opposed to when i was a kid (“dammit”) they don't charge by the minute, but rather, by the transmission and receipt of each individual text message, that is a nickel for you to send it and a nickel for the poor slob you sent it to to receive it!i'm glad they're being innovative, and i'm hoping that with deutsche telekom merger maybe there will be more innovation and less of the same ol' same ol'.i think for a lot of users, it may be better to stick with an sms connection to e-mail (also standard on voicestream) and odigo's one-way service copying incoming chat messages to any sms-capable phone when offline(), or icq.pros: * you don't have to explain things to friends/co-workers if you're away and need to im them — except to warn them not to expect long, hard-to-type replies.* since sms message are short, using aim saves space because no address takes up precious characters in the message itself, unlike sms e-mail.cons:* the command numbers are pretty hard to remember, except (“4646” = “go im”).* aim doesn't let you msg offline aim users (odigo does, but then their sms service is 1-way).* even with t3 predictive typing (not on all phones anyway), messages are painful to write.

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– by mcgrathverizon coverage and sound quality is great.

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