Updating a hashmap who is jared leto dating in 2016

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Updating a hashmap

In my previous posts, I discussed how we can consume the ASP. In this small one, I would like to show how we can make a demo application in Android consuming ASP. To save time, I already prepare a sample REST web service made by ASP. You can access the service without any authentication for your testing purposes.

If you use Eclipse, then search on Internet for instructions to import project into your Eclipse IDE.Again, the code is pretty simple and explains itself. For posting, we have to tell the server what kind of data format we are sending (in this case is JSON through setting Content-Type header), what kind of data format we are waiting for (in this case is JSON through header Accept) and if we can handle compression (optional).The Http Client POST supports posting either with URL parameters or with complex object in body.Meanwhile for updating, I’ll post a complex object in HTTP body so that ASP.NET Web API service can understand and handle parameters correctly. NET Web API works as I discussed in previous posts before.

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The function with simple types is for creating product.