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Onlinedatingfor info

“In the last five years, others have tried to start similar businesses with varying degrees of success.If it’s an add-on to their full-time produce business, success is hard,” he explains."I was then anxious to create something for Chinese singles that are in a similar situation to me," she said.Le, the sociologist, said the power of assimilation is very strong among Americanized immigrants or the children of immigrants.“Sometimes they have very good contacts in the industry, but running an e-commerce site is not a produce business – it’s a technology business.On things like ease of use and design, produce e-commerce has been poor.

Data show among 100 million singles in the US, 40 percent of them would try online dating.

With a lean team of about a dozen people, 2Red Beans currently has a 15 percent market share of the 1.3 million Chinese American users in North America.

The top three cities where 2Red Beans has the most registered users and successful matches (of those who decide to get married) are Northern California, New York and Southern California, said Zhao.

Zhao, 37, who has an engineering doctorate and is based in Cupertino, California, came to the US in 1998 for her graduate studies.

Her introverted personality - similar to many Chinese - and busy schedule - as what Le pointed out - got her to try online dating before she launched 2Red Beans. "Many sites didn't cater to what Chinese Americans are looking for - or maybe they don't know," said Zhao, who is five months pregnant and met her husband on 2Red Beans the first month when the site was launched.

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"The attempt to search for a potential partner at workplace might have negative professional consequence." C. Le, director of Asian and Asian-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, said websites like 2Red Beans offer an "easy and convenient" place to find potential mates, given the busy schedules of many.