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Intimidating women forum

The best way to prevent intimidation in cycling is to gain respect of fellow riders, pedestrians, or motorists, whether you’re male or female. To the men who want to encourage women cyclists but don’t want to be seen as intimidating by their actions, the solution is simple.

Prioritise safety, adhere to etiquette, obey road rules, and simply say hello! Treat and encourage other cyclists, male and female, young and old, the same.

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My last boyfriend and I met in my apartment building after we’d each been living there for almost a year.

In my experience, these men believe that they are being helpful and they don’t consciously intend to intimidate women.

Anti-cyclist Facebook pages, internet forums and comments on online news sites are most definitely intentionally intimidating.About The Author Tracey Matthies is a recreational/commuter cyclist who enjoys riding multi-day events for the camaraderie and opportunity to explore new places.She lives and works in regional Victoria where she combines her love of cycling with her dedication to drinking decent coffee.A woman may be nervous about going to her local bike shop and asking “dumb” questions.She may put off going and build up the event in her mind until she is convinced that the shop staff will think she is But that only addresses one side of the argument.

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The other side of the intimidation equation is those who intimidate.

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