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It's just annoying seeing my ally having all the trade and me sitting here unable to do anything. Once trade is secure, India will fall to barrages of diplomacy and currency. I'll make them amphibious, I'll see if terror tactics will scare the Indian nations into giving me land. I used to think the battle of Plassy was a great British victory with 3000 men against 100 000turns out that Clive bribed the local Bengal nabobs and most British successes in India were achieved by bribery and diplomacy. I am leaving Europe alone and have focused on America to begin with..13 colonies are now on my side, so I have relaxed a bit in America. I took a fleet, captured the island to the South East (easy enough). On a side note, this game is amazing (especially all on Ultra )!!! You should go for the Mughals who are for some region really easy to steam roll. Then I made a really bad move and started a war with one of the minor nations on the mainland (the orange guys, forget their name! I captured one of their regions, but I REALLY underestimated their strength! I will probably lose on the mainland, build up strength on the island, and go back and capture everything! I'm one region off having the colonies join the Empire.

I wish there was a feature in diplomacy called 'trade' where you could demand/offer things for exchanging trade routes.

Sadly so much of the jewelry is broken up and sold off.

Aristocratic pieces are one thing, but there was so much in untitled yet wealthy private collections that got auctioned off in private sales, then broken up and reconfigured never to be seen in its vintage glory.

Let us know if anyone can help us out or at least get us to Indio, Let us Know!!

I've always wanted a parrot or cockatoo, and have done some research online and I think a Indian ring neck might be a good option? Advice, and opinions welcome 🙂 You probably didn't want someone like me stumbling across this thread... (Not that I agree with battery hens in the first place!

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