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In the table below, the name on the left is the modern form wherever this was obvious.Although the Latin was often used directly especially for female names such as Petronella, the shorter form Petronell appears here.The following list of names in use approximately 1450-1650 is intended to aid the transcription and interpretation of old English documents.

Popular in Scotland although derived differently, from Gaelic Cailean - young dog, youth.

An easy, brief explanation of the workings of Latin grammar on Christian names is in Eve Mc Laughlin's inexpensive booklet, "Simple Latin for Family Historians," along with a good deal of other useful information.

A basic understanding of this is necessary to avoid mistakes such as those above.

Except for a few classical names, Latin was applied after the fact (names were 'Latinized'), so Latin forms are not consistent either.

Much depended on the training of the vicar or clerk, which varied greatly and often did not amount to much.

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