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Guyanadating com

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited has a banking history in Guyana dating back to 1836 with the British Guiana Bank.It was the first commercial bank to start business in the colony of British Guiana, the first indigenous commercial bank and the first bank owned by the indigenous private sector.He added that Republic Bank is expanding in keeping with trends shaping the local, regional and global economies.“Of not among local developments are increased opportunities for home ownership; expanding small and medium businesses; growing confidence in Guyana’s economic prospects and, by and large, customers with sophisticated banking needs and high expectations,” said Baptiste.Chairman of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, Nigel Baptiste says research influenced the bank’s decision six years ago to construct a branch at Triumph to cater for customers who are normally served by branches at D’Edward and Georgetown.“Our journey to this juncture commenced six years ago, as a consequence of ongoing customer engagement and feedback, together with a feasibility study, all of which provided a very convincing indication of a need for us to offer the Republic Bank brand and suite of products and services to this community,” Baptiste said in remarks.He expects that the local government system, including the establishment of capital towns, would stimulate easier access to financial services, enhanced household welfare, facilitate small business activity and increase the incomes of the poor and disadvantaged.

Construction commenced on August 3, 2015 and was completed on November 17, 2016.“Commercial banks are encouraged to find innovative means and instruments of expanding their services to hinterland communities.The lack of banking services to un-served areas presents a serious constraint to income generation activities.In 2003 the M HKA assumed guardianship of the private collection of Robert Vrielynck, a solicitor from Bruges.This collection can be classified under the archaeology of the new media and illustrates part of the development of film and projection apparatus by means of historical objects such as the magic lantern and the camera obscura.

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“Republic Bank has a strong presence in the Eastern Caribbean and the opening of this branch strengthens and lengthens the reach and deepens the relations with citizens, communities and countries of the Eastern Caribbean and the Caribbean Community as a whole,” he said.

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