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Before the 1970s, dancers of both sexes appeared largely in underground clubs or as part of a theatre experience, but the practice eventually became common enough on its own.Performances are usually fully choreographed, involve dance routines and a costume of some sort.Touching of strippers is not permitted in many localities.

Dancers learn a set of rules, such as: never leave money unattended; never leave the club with a customer; and never refuse a table dance.

Entertainers (dancers) are often not actual employees of the club itself but perform as independent contractors.

Until the 1970s, strippers in Western cultures were almost invariably female, performing to male audiences.

If permitted, during a lap dance the dancer grinds against the customer's crotch while he or she remains clothed in an attempt to arouse or bring the recipient to climax. Due to the common practice of hiring strippers as contractors, not as full-time employees, strippers must deal with extreme job insecurity, unstable pay, no health benefits, and the requirement of paying fees to the club for technically renting their stage.

This precarious employment is accepted because of the stigma associated with exotic dancing.

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Dancers use props such as make-up, clothing, costumes, and appealing fragrances to complete their character and maintain their "front." Strippers, when working, are most likely to be found at strip clubs.

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