Fda cfrs allergenic product dating

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Fda cfrs allergenic product dating

If both the English and Chinese languages are used in the labelling or marking of prepackaged food, the name of the food and the list of ingredients shall appear in both languages. What is the format to display "best before" or "use by" date on food label?

Furthermore, is it acceptable to label “ 黃 豆 ” instead of “ 大豆 ”?

Preambles are the notes that FDA publishes when it announces a proposed or final rule.

They respond to comments submitted by industry and the public, and often reveal the intent and FDA's interpretation of the regulation.

(3) Indication of "use by" or "best before" Date Use either the words "use by 此日期或之前食用" or "best before 此日期前最佳", as the case may be, followed by the date up to which specific properties of the food can be retained, to indicate the shelf life of the food.

(4) Statement of Special Conditions for Storage or Instructions for Use If special conditions are required for storage to retain the quality or special instructions are needed for the use of prepackaged food, a statement should be legibly marked on the label.

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Reference shall be made to Schedule 3 to the Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) Regulations (Cap.