Enema chat 2013

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Enema chat 2013

I tend toward constipation, so I love to give and receive enemas.I especially like urine, castile soap, salt water, coffee, Coke, or milk enemas.I found myself home and alone for several hours, the room mates were at work.SO I decided to endulge in an enema, well several exactly.I attempted to post a more complete accounting of how I came to like taking enemas but it was flagged and not posted because it... I had been summoned to the bathroom, only to be greeted by the sight of the dreaded rectal syringe... I began to fabricate reasons to get enemas,most times I could simply say,my stomach hurts and an enema was on it,s way. Ever since I was a baby, I've had a terrible constipation problem.As soon as I got home from my 24 hour shift, the shift where I once again held in my poo for the whole 24 hours, I decided I was gonna have some fun. Starting from my infancy, my mother would solve the problem of her "colicy baby" by sliding the nozzle of a child enema bulb into me, filling me with water, and thereby unplugging me. As a young boy, I frequently experienced constipation.

It was just another step in her total dominiation of me based on her frustration at my unwillingness to own up to the reality that I am a crossdresser.last morning, I gave my self an time, I added some soap to the 2nd "round".going in, it was the same.after 6 more, I left the toilet wearing a diaper.,it was about an hour I'v burst in the diaper before I could stand up from the bed. Hi everyone I love taking enemas when I feel the need for a good cleanout - I went and brought a JBL Sit on enema bag & to tell the truth it's a real bloating experience - when I brought it I read the box & the information that cam with it & noticed that it fills 6 qrts & then...My girl friend recently got in to enemas after her friend told her she takes them before anal so my girl friend has been taking them for about four months now.Might consider someone a little younger but only... It seems that most of us that like taking enemas tend to be older.What I would like to know is how old are you and when did you know you liked taking enemas.

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And this time I decided to take the largest one I have ever taken, a full 1 gallon of warm water. John glanced at the white van that was parked in front of his residence, but was too tired from his trip to really worry about it. He opened the door and lugged his suitcases inside.