Did sophia myles dating james franco

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Not surprisingly, the king's beautiful daughter, Isolde (Sophia Myles), can't wait to leave home.

Her flight is impeded, however, when her father announces her betrothal to his favourite general, a bullet-headed hulk called Morholt (Graham Mullins), who resembles one of Shrek's less-evolved ancestors.

their take on the lost civilisation of Easter Island.

The poison makes Tristan appear dead and his “body” is sent out to the sea- ending up on the Irish shore.

He is found by Princess Isolde (Sophia Myles) and her maid Bragnae (Bronagh Gallagher) find Tristan.

Ireland is a lot stronger, and the Irish King is more than determined to keep it this way.

However a meeting in favor of the unison gets interrupted when the Irish attack. Marke loses his hand, but manages to save Tristan’s life.

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I won't go into the series of attacks, victories, reversals and miraculous escape from certain death that follow.

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