Dating simulations for psp

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Dating simulations for psp

The "otherwise" is important here, too, since there many games such as the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series that incorporate romance.

It should also go without saying that romance games aimed at anyone are fair game, be they catering to a predominately male audience (bishōjo) or female (otome).

Originally Posted by firehawk12 I guess going broader with indies, there's also Choice Of Games: Their stuff DOES have RPG/stat mechanics, but it's all text based.It's easy to participate in the February Dating Sim Game-Along all you have to do is play and write about dating sims in some form, be it on your blog, Twitter, or elsewhere!If you're using Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (or some other newfangled social media that also uses hashtags), please use #Dating Si Month so that I can keep track of your submissions and include them in my weekly compilation posts.Originally Posted by Ryouga Saotome It's #Dating Si Month. As for dating sims on Steam, I know there definitely are some VNs on there, they're just kind of buried a bit.I'm going to complete all the routes of Amnesia V and maybe I'll play Rune Factory 4.

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