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Dating old photo albums

Pay attention to details and you can date old photos accurately.

Also, it is important to look at the packaging material of the photograph carefully, the date of issue could be found on the envelopes containing the photographs.

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These can provide clues as to the date and era of the photo.

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These links may further your efforts to date old photos.Understanding how to date old photos can prove quiet difficult.Learning to date old photos can be fun time to time but also a complex procedure when there are minimal or no evidence to support the date and related details and in order to organize your genealogical records; the task has to be undertaken.With the help of a professional photographer, the identification of the type of photograph could be done so to learn about the time of the photo taken and tracing to the lineage accordingly.The numerous types of photographs in circulation in the 1800’s can be identified using the table below. This could be a simple scanning procedure of the old prints of photographs but could result in revelation about a number of details about the time the photo was taken.

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The first step to date old photos is to identify the type of photographs could result in the identification of the time of the photograph taken, in terms of years (decades/ era).