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At the same time, social science research has confirmed the wisdom and value of traditional practice.Children do better when raised by their married mother and father. Many loving parents are able to compensate for the traumatic effect of divorce on a child.I've been getting some e-mails about her in the past week. Her latest claim, according to the "Living Single" readers who have gotten in touch with me, is that single mothers, together with liberals, are responsible for all of the nation's ills.I haven't heard her version and I'm not going to look it up.Children in very high conflict homes may benefit by being removed from the conflict.

It's also critical for parents to be well-versed in the laws in their district and state, so that they can be sure school administrators are following the rules. They provide information on the child's strengths and weaknesses at home, background information on the child's history and development, and information on any family factors that may affect the child's learning.Transition meetings are held to discuss movement from one school level to another, from one program to another, or to a postsecondary program, job, or assisted living program.Only the parent accompanies the child throughout these important school and life transitions.Parents may be the only adults who closely observe students' work and get feedback from their children.Consequently, no one else has the perspective of a parent in a meeting.

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