Dating dutchman

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Dating dutchman

There is evidence of a skirmish between the Spaniards and the Apaches at the area of the said massacre.

Since the turn of the century, remnants of mining equipment, high-grade gold ore, old guns, weapons, gear and a pack train have been discovered at the site.

The video of the presentation is available for viewing on Desert USA.

It is about 30 minutes long but well worth the time.

Since this information has surfaced, we thought it would be timely to republish existing research and documents relating to the famous legend.

This article is the first of three in which we will revisit the Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine.

We will present data discovered several years ago at a collector's garage sale of old books and notes.

Others believe that the Jesuits convinced the Native Americans that bad things would happen if they ever revealed the location of these riches to outsiders.

For centuries, Native Americans have kept the treasures a secret and to this day many are reluctant to provide any related information. Before the Lost Dutchman Mine was discovered by Jacob Waltz (the Dutchman) in the early 1870s, there was a legend of another rich mine which was discovered in the same area and mined by the Peralta family from Sonora, Mexico.

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In the following pages are photographs of these stone maps, with interpretations of the meaning of the symbols and signs carved on them.

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