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Dating cookie jars

There are clubs devoted to collecting decanters and those interested in Regal China should take a look at some of the great designs made for Jim Beam.

As with the decanters, the company's cookie jars were also clever and well-made.

During the 1940s Regal was bought by distributor Royal China and Novelty Company.

In 1968 the company became a part of the James Beam Distilling Company.

Over the decades, cookie jars featured popular characters and cultural icons such as Felix the Cat, Howdy Doody, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, World War II American G. The variety of cookie jars and the opportunity to collect so many different examples may contribute to the fact that many collectors just can't stop collecting these cherished objects from childhood.

With cookie jars, as with cookies, it's difficult to have just one.

However, for many collectors, cookie jars hold a special kind of magic.They remember them filled with special treats lovingly made by grandmothers and mothers.Others think of them as the family piggy bank, where the household money carefully was tucked away as they waited for mom and dad to announce there was enough for that special toy or new two-wheeled bicycle.Molds were often used by more than one company or were copied so closely as to be hard to tell the difference.According to by Mike Schneider, Regal jars that are similar designs include the Puss'n Boots (Shawnee), the majorette and churn boy.

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Chips, cracks and scratches to the surface decoration are key factors when evaluating vintage cookie jars.