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In 1896 when Chatham held its first elections for Town Council, the young Bennett was elected by one vote.

Abundant game roamed the forests, and berries were a valuable food supplement. The rocks in the Miramichi are similar to those of Scotland, being a part of the same formation before continental drift separated them. The Atlantic salmon, the herring gull and the common tern were found in both areas.

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Because of its eastward facing location, ships coming from the British Isles in early times had easy access through the Strait of Belle Isle and across the Gulf of St. It was more accessible and safer to get to than the ports of Quebec City or Saint John, New Brunswick.

In colonial times, the surrounding lands were heavily forested; the stands of eastern white pine were especially valued for ships' masts.


In 1765, the troop transport Pitt (reputedly named after William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham) was shipwrecked in the Gulf of St Lawrence.